For the 1982 film, see Zapped!. ZappedPromotional posterGenre Comedy,Fantasy,Teen Screenplay byRachelle Skoretz Matt Eddy Billy EddyStory by Rachelle Skoretz Directed by Peter DeLuise StarringZendaya Spencer Boldman Chanelle Peloso Emilia McCarthy Adam DiMarcoTheme music composer James Jandrisch Country of origin United States Canada Original language(s) English Production Producer(s) Lisa Towers Editor(s) Richard Schwadel Cinematography Jim Menard Running time 102 minutes Production company(s) Off-Leash Teleproductions, Inc. Distributor Muse Distribution International MarVista Entertainment Release Original network Disney Channel Original release June 27, 2014 Zapped is an American Disney Channel Original Movie. Filmed and produced in Vancouver, Canada,[1] the movie began production in early August 2013. It stars Zendaya, Chanelle Peloso, Emilia McCarthy and Spencer Boldman.[2] Zendaya portrays the lead role, Zoey Stevens.[3]Contents 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Broadcast 5 Reception 6 References 7 External linksPlot[edit] Zoey Stevens (Zendaya) is an average 16-year-old girl who has just moved in with her mother and 4 other boys. Her brother Adam is always in a rush due to being captain of the basketball team. The youngest one, Ben, is always getting dirty. Zach, the middle child, has a habit of making disgusting mixtures. Their father Ted is the basketball team’s coach who wakes everyone up at 6:45 in the morning to be prepared. When Zoey arrives at her high school, Adam quickly abandons her and she makes an unlikely friendship with Rachel who shows her to her class. However, Rachel leads Zoey to the wrong side of the school and she walks in on a science class. She is escorted by Jackson Kale (Spencer Boldman) to the correct room and is watched by Taylor Dean (Emilia McCarthy). Later she arrives at dance tryouts however learns that the pancake mix that Zach made is all over her shoes. When Zoey mixes Taylor’s dance routine with her own, Taylor shows her up and sends Zoey and Rachel to the Junior Varsity Team. She goes home to find out the family dog, Humphrey, destroyed her room. Her phone later drops into a bathtub of water, gets thrown out the window, slides down a solar panel and lands in Humphrey’s food bowl. The phone dries out overnight in a bowl of rice that Zoey’s mother recommends. Zoey arrives at dance practice but learns her group is entirely male and dances horribly. Her. thanks wikipedia.

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La Braña

La Braña Parish Country Spain Autonomous community Asturias Province Asturias Municipality El Franco La Braña is one of eight parishes (administrative divisions) in the El Franco municipality, within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain. The population is 255 (INE 2007). Villages and hamlets[edit]Bargaz A Braña El Caroceiro El Chao das Trabas Grandamarina Mendóis Mercadeiros Penadecabras Romeye VillarínReferences[edit]Links[edit]Brown-skinned, blue-eyed, Y-haplogroup C-bearing European hunter-gatherer from Spain (Olalde et al. 2014) Genomic affinities of two 7,000-year-old Iberian hunter-gatherersCoordinates: 43°28′32″N 6°51′28″W / 43.47556°N 6.85778°W / 43.47556; -6.85778 v t e Parishes in El Franco, Asturias, SpainArancedo La Braña La Caridad Lebredo Miudes Prendones Valdepares VillalmarzoThis article about a location in the Principality of Asturias, Spain, is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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Vietnamese legislative election, 1987

Vietnam This article is part of a series on the politics and government of Vietnam Ideology ConceptsCollective leadership Marxism–Leninism Ho Chi Minh Thought OrganizationsCentral Propaganda Department Central Theoretical Council Constitution History 1946 1959 1980 1992 2013Communist Party National Congress (12th) Central Committee (members)General Secretary: Nguyễn Phú Trọng Politburo (12th) SecretariatExecutive Secretary: Lê Hồng Anh Central Military CommissionSecretary: Nguyễn Phú Trọng Central OfficeDirector: Trần Quốc Vượng Central Inspection CommissionChief: Ngô Văn Dụ Legislative National AssemblyStanding CommitteeChairman: Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân Executive President (list): Trần Đại Quang Vice President: Nguyễn Thị Doan GovernmentPrime Minister (list): Nguyễn Xuân Phúc Deputy Prime Ministers: Hoàng Trung Hải, Vũ Văn Ninh, Vũ Đức Đam, Phạm Bình Minh MinistriesMinistry of Defence Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Justice Ministry of Finance Ministry of Education and Training Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry of Transport Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry of Construction Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry of Industry and Trade Ministry of information and Communications Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Planning and Investment Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Ministry of Health Governor of the State Bank Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs Fatherland Front Central CommitteeChairman: Nguyễn Thiện Nhân Gen. Secretary: Vũ Trọng Kim Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth UnionCentral Committee First SecretaryNguyễn Đắc Vinh Military Commander-in-ChiefTrần Đại Quang People’s Army People’s Public SecurityPeople’s Security People’s PoliceCouncil for National Defense and SecurityCentral Military CommissionSecretary: Nguyễn Phú TrọngJudiciary LawSupreme People’s CourtChief Justice: Trương Hòa Bình Supreme People’s ProcuracyProcurator-General: Nguyễn Hòa Bình Foreign relations Foreign aid See alsoElections Administrative divisions Human rights Other countries AtlasPolitics portal v t eParliamentary elections were held in. thanks wikipedia.

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조립   초등  


This article is about the oceanographic topic.For a company of this name, see MetService. Deployment of a Datawell waverider buoy near the southwestern coast of France, for the measurement of ocean wave statistics, like the significant wave height and period, wave direction and power spectrum. In offshore and coastal engineering, metocean refers to the syllabic abbreviation of meteorology and (physical) oceanography.Contents 1 Metocean study 2 Metocean conditions 3 Metocean data 4 Notes 5 ReferencesMetocean study[edit] In various stages of an offshore or coastal engineering project a metocean study will be undertaken. This, in order to estimate the environmental conditions of direct influence on the choices to be made during the project phase at hand, and to arrive at an effective and efficient solution for the problems/goals stated. In later phases of a project, more detailed and thorough metocean studies may be needed, depending on whether there is an expected additional gain with respect to the successful and efficient completion of the project. Metocean conditions[edit] Metocean conditions refer to the combined wind, wave and climate (etc.) conditions as found on a certain location. They are most often presented as statistics, including seasonal variations, scatter tables and probability of exceedance. The metocean conditions may include, depending on the project and its location, statistics on:Meteorology wind speed, direction, gustiness, wind rose and wind spectrum air temperature humidity occurrence and strength of typhoons, hurricanes and (other) cyclonesClassification of wave phenomena – of the sea and ocean surface – according to wave period, by Walter Munk.[1]Physical oceanography water level fluctuationshistorical, expected and seasonal sea level changes storm surges tides tsunamis seiches wind waves – wind seas and swells – characterised by statistics like: significant wave heights and periods, propagation directions and (directional) spectra bathymetry salinity, temperature and other constituents stratification, density-driven currents and internal waves ice occurrence, extent, thickness, strength and seabed gougingMetocean data[edit] Ice beacon – for tracking the movement of the ice by GPS, as well as containing other sensors for measuring more metocean parameters – and Pablo Clemente-Colón of the U.S. National Ice Center. The metocean conditions are preferably based on metocean data. thanks wikipedia.

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Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Kundara

St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral. Kundara8°58′13″N 76°40′11″E / 8.97028°N 76.66972°E / 8.97028; 76.66972Coordinates: 8°58′13″N 76°40′11″E / 8.97028°N 76.66972°E / 8.97028; 76.66972 LocationKundara Denomination Jacobite Syrian Christian Church Tradition Syriac, Malayalam History Founded 1871 Administration Diocese Kollam diocese Clergy Vicar(s) Rev.Fr.Sabu Samuel St.Marys Jacobite Syrian cathedral located in Kundara, Kollam District, Kerala, India. The church established on 1871 with granted permission by Royal King of Travancore and the blessing of Malankara Metropolitan Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysious II.The whole members of parish represented as ancient and traditional Pakalomattom family. In 1972, The parish get relics of Saint Mary from American Arch Bishop Mor Athanasius Yeshu` Samuel. Which is also called Holy Soonoro (or) Holy Girdle .[1][2]Contents 1 Altars 2 Feasts 3 Holy Soonoro 4 Cathedral Proclamation 5 External links 6 ReferencesAltars[edit] Holy Altar Of Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Kundara The altars in the Jacobite Syrian Cathedral are dedicated to the Mother of God , Saint Peter , Saint Thomas,Saint George and Saint Gregorios of Malankara. Feasts[edit] The major feast of the church are celebrated on September 1 to 8. Holy Soonoro[edit] The Holy Girdle (or) Holy Soonoro , Girdle of Thomas , Holy Belt of Virgin Mary. The Holy Girdle is kept in the form of a “girdle” or knotted textile cord used as a belt, that according to a medieval legend was dropped by the Virgin Mary from the sky to Saint Thomas the Apostle at or around the time of the Assumption of Mary to heaven. Holy Girdle discovered from Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt by the Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem I Barsoum and the presence of His Eminence Alexandros, the Greek Orthodox bishop of Homs, Syria.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Cathedral Proclamation[edit] The Ignatius Zakka I Iwas Patriarch of Antioch proclaimed church as St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral On the last visit of Malankara Church at October 2008.[10][11][12] External links[edit]Facebook Page Of Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Kundara Official Website Of Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Kundarav t e Christianity in Kerala DenominationsAssemblies of God in India Chaldean Syrian Church Church of God (Full Gospel) in India Church of South India Indian Pentecostal Church Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church Kerala Brethren Latin Catho. thanks wikipedia.

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Glen Orchy

For other places called Glenorchy, see Glenorchy (disambiguation). Glen Orchy Scottish Gaelic: Gleann UrchaidhGlen Orchy Glen Orchy shown within Argyll and ButeCouncil area Argyll and Bute Lieutenancy area Argyll and Bute Country Scotland Sovereign state United Kingdom Post town Bridge of Orchy – Dalmally Postcode district PA36 – PA33 Dialling code 01838 Police Scottish Fire Scottish Ambulance Scottish EU Parliament Scotland UK Parliament Argyll and Bute Scottish Parliament Argyll and Bute List of places UK Scotland Coordinates: 56°29′N 4°49′W / 56.48°N 4.82°W / 56.48; -4.82 The B8074 road runs the length of Glen Orchy, generally following the line of the River Orchy, but not here, south of Arichastlich Glen Orchy (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Urchaidh) is a glen in Argyll and Bute in Scotland. It runs from Bridge of Orchy to Dalmally.Contents 1 Geography 2 Name 3 History 4 Notable people 5 Sport 6 In Popular Culture 7 See also 8 ReferencesGeography[edit] Glen Orchy is about 17 km or 11 miles long, and runs south-west from Bridge of Orchy (grid reference NN298392) to Dalmally (grid reference NN194277) following the River Orchy through the Caledonian Forest. There are no settlements in the glen: just a few isolated buildings. The Eas Urchaidh and Eas a’ Chathaidh are waterfalls within the glen. The continuation westward past Dalmally to Loch Awe is known as the Strath of Orchy. The B8074 road runs the length of Glen Orchy. Name[edit] Glen Orchy was known by the by-name of Gleann Urchaidh nam badan (Glen Orchy of the copses), and the parish of Glen Orchy was An Dìseart (the hermitage), a name appearing in Clachan an Dìseirt (the village of the hermitage), the local Gaelic name of the village of Dalmally. History[edit] Glen Orchy was one of the major homes of Clan Gregor until the clan was outlawed in 1603 by King James VI. Notable people[edit] One of the better known inhabitants of the glen was Duncan Ban MacIntyre. Sport[edit] Glenorchy Camanachd is a shinty team from Dalmally in the Strath of Orchy. In Popular Culture[edit] “The Bridge at Glen Orchy” was referenced in the film “Rob Roy” as the place where Robert Roy MacGregor was to be hanged at the behest of the Duke of Montrose. See also[edit]Map of places in Glen Orchy compiled from this articleReferences[edit] Map all coordinates using OSM Map all coordinates u. thanks wikipedia.

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Xiao Hui Wang Art Center

Xiao Hui Wang Art Center王小慧艺术中心Established 2003 Location 6C, High-tech Building, south campus of Tongji University, No. 67 Chifeng Road, Yangpu District, 200092, Shanghai, China Type Contemporary Art, New Media Art Director Xiao Hui Wang Public transit access Shanghai Metro Line 10, Siping Road Station or Tongji University Station The Xiao Hui Wang Art Center is an art institute at Tongji University, Shanghai. Founded in 2003, it is administered by Professor Xiao Hui Wang, and is known for its numerous commissioned urban design projects and for being the first art institute in China to focus on new media art. Design[edit] Its design for the 2010 Shanghai Expo Urban Footprint Pavilion was chosen after international competition, and it worked with the Shanghai Museum, the sponsor and official organizer, to carry it out.[1] Other projects have included urban art projects for the cities of Langfang, Datong, Nantong, Suzhou and Zhuhai, artistic design work for the Nanjing World Trade Center, the Tianjin Innovation-China e•Group building, the Zendai Radisson Hotel in Shanghai and numerous designs and multimedia installations for Christofle, BMW MINI, J. P. Morgan, Audi, Van Cleef & Arpels and Sergio Rossi among others.[2][3][4] References[edit] ^ ^ ^ ^ This article about an organization in China is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e This article about an art or artists’ organization is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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Total Divas (season 3)

Total Divas (season 3)Total Divas title screenStarringBrie Bella Nikki Bella Natalya Naomi Cameron Eva Marie Summer Rae Rosa Mendes Alicia Fox PaigeCountry of origin United States No. of episodes 20 Release Original network E! Original release September 7, 2014 (2014-09-07) – March 8, 2015 (2015-03-08) Season chronology← Previous Season 2 Next → Season 4List of Total Divas episodes Total Divas is an American reality television series that premiered on July 28, 2013, on E!.[1][2] The series gives viewers an inside look of the lives of WWE Divas from their work within WWE to their personal lives. Behind the scene footage of the Divas is also included.[3][4][5][6] Season 2 ended on June 1, 2014 (2014-06-01) with 1.54 millions viewers.[7]Contents 1 Production 2 Cast2.1 Main cast 2.2 Recurring cast 2.3 Guest stars 3 Episodes 4 Ratings4.1 Season 3 5 References 6 External linksProduction[edit] The series gives viewers an inside look of the lives of WWE Divas from their work within WWE to their personal lives. Behind the scene footage of the Divas is also included.[4][8][9][10] On May 19, 2014, E! announced that the third season of Total Divas will premiere on September 7, 2014, with Rosa Mendes joining the cast.[11] Unlike other WWE programs, most of the performers use their real names instead of their ring names, leading to Cameron, Naomi, Natalya, Jimmy Uso, and Tyson Kidd being referred to as Ariane, Trinity, Nattie, Jon, and TJ respectively. Cast[edit] Mendes in March 2015.Summer Rae in March 2015.Main cast[edit]Brie Bella (Brianna Danielson)[12] Nikki Bella (Stephanie Garcia-Colace)[12] Natalya (Natalie Neidhart-Wilson)[12] Naomi (Trinity Fatu)[12] Cameron (Ariane Andrew)[12] Eva Marie (Natalie Marie Coyle)[12] Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet)[12] Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka)[12] Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford)[12] Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis)[12]Recurring cast[edit]Daniel Bryan (Brie Bella’s husband) John Cena (Nikki Bella’s boyfriend) Tyson Kidd (Natalya’s husband) Vincent Isayan (Cameron’s boyfriend) Jonathan Coyle (Eva Marie’s husband) Mark Carrano (WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations) Kathy Colace (Brie & Nikki’s mother) JJ Garcia (Brie & Nikki’s brother)Guest stars[edit]JoJo (Joseann Offerman) Jimmy Uso (Naomi’s husband) Sandra Gray (WWE’s seamstress)[13] Jim Neidhart (Nattie’s father) Ellie Neidhart (Nattie’s. thanks wikipedia.

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This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Kefalas is a village and a community on the island of Crete, Greece, 282m above sea level. It is in Vamos municipal unit in the Apokoronas region. The community consists of the villages Kefalas, Drapanos and Palailoni. Kefalas owes its name to the first residents there, called the Kephalades, the leaders of the Byzantine settlers sent to Crete in 1182. It is about five minutes by car from the village of Vamos itself and about 10 minutes to Almyrida beach on the northwest coast of the island. A picturesque village right on the northeast edge of the Drapanos peninsula, built facing the sea with interesting architecture, Kefalas is well preserved. It is of interest to visitors with its village streets, sea views and tavernas. Eight churches can be found here. (Local residents talk of up to 25 churches in total, many of which are hidden in private gardens.) The views from Kefalas to the Bay of Georgioupolis and the Cretan White Mountains are spectacular and on a clear day Rethymno can be seen. Kefalas is largely unspoiled by tourism and the old traditional way of life still remains, although many new houses and developments have sprung up around the village for tourists. As you approach Kefalas from Vamos you will see a stone structure with welcome notes in Greek and English. This is the tiny church of The Saint of Miracles, and was built by Vangelis, the museum curator (c.f. below). It is open to the public and offers views across the villages of Ksirosterni and Vamos to the Cretan White Mountains. In Kefalas Square you can see the old school (now renovated and reopened as a School of Environmental Studies). Immediately on the left of the school is a very old house, which has been renovated and turned into a museum. It is filled with artefacts, donated by the villagers, to represent a typical village house from the previous century. An outhouse, across the yard to the rear, holds farming implements and various tools. The museum is open most summer evenings until 10 pm. Entrance is free but small donations are welcomed and help to pay for its upkeep. It will also be opened, on demand, if the curator (Vangelis) is available. He can be contacted via either of the two supermarkets. Also in the square are a taverna, a large chur. thanks wikipedia.

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Broadway (Goo Goo Dolls song)

“Broadway”Single by Goo Goo Dolls from the album Dizzy Up the Girl Released September 11, 2000 Format CD single Genre Alternative rock Length 3:58 Label Warner Bros. Writer(s) John Rzeznik Producer(s) Rob Cavallo, Goo Goo Dolls Goo Goo Dolls singles chronology”Black Balloon” (1999) “Broadway” (2000) “Here Is Gone” (2002) Music video “Broadway” on YouTube “Broadway” is a song recorded by the Goo Goo Dolls. The song was released in January 2000 as the last single from their hit album Dizzy Up the Girl. Although not as popular as their previous other singles “Iris” and “Slide”, the song still managed to hit number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100.Contents 1 Content 2 Track listings 3 Chart positions3.1 Peak positions 3.2 End of year charts 4 References 5 External linksContent[edit] This song refers to the street on which many popular young-adult hangouts were located in a previous generation in Buffalo, New York. The young culture migrated to other parts of the city, leaving the “old man’s bars”. Track listings[edit] Germany CD Single (pictured)”Broadway” – 3:58 “Naked” (Live) – 3:39 “Black Balloon” (Live) – 4:12Broadway Part 1 (EP)”Broadway” “Black Balloon” “Slide” “Naked” (Live) “Black Balloon” (Live)Chart positions[edit]Peak positions[edit] Chart (2000) Peak position Canadian Top Singles (RPM) 7 Canadian Rock/Alternative (RPM) 9 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 24 U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 5 U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 38 U.S. Billboard Pop Songs 15 U.S. Billboard Radio Songs 24 End of year charts[edit] End of year chart (2000) Position U.S. Billboard Hot 100[1] 84References[edit] ^ “Billboard Top 100 – 2000”. Retrieved 2010-08-31.  External links[edit]Lyrics of this song at MetroLyricsv t e Goo Goo DollsJohn Rzeznik Robby Takac George Tutuska Mike Malinin Studio albumsGoo Goo Dolls Jed Hold Me Up Superstar Car Wash A Boy Named Goo Dizzy Up the Girl Gutterflower Let Love In Something for the Rest of Us Magnetic Boxes Extended playsJust the Way You Are EP Bang! Dizzy EP Platinum Play EP Rolling Stone Original Waiting for the Rest of It Live albumsLive in Buffalo: July 4th 2004 CompilationsWhat I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce iTunes Originals Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles Vol.2 VideographyMusic in High Places: Live in Alaska Live in Buffa. thanks wikipedia.

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